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Floor Repair Services

Wood Floor Planet specializes in all kinds of hardwood floor repair needs. Here are some of the problems that we can help you with to have a perfect looking hardwood floor all over your home or office:

Floor Repair Services

Plank Gaps on Hardwood Floors

It's common for planks on hardwood floors to develop gaps in between them. The major cause of these gaps is the expansion of wood when the weather is wet or humid and then the shrinkage of wood when it's dry. This alternation of expansion and contraction of wood leads to the formation of gaps, so we can say that they're actually a result of natural process. But don't worry; we've got you covered. Our team will fill in these gaps through floor board replacement procedures or other services as needed.

Cracked or Split Wood

It's common for wood floors to have some small cracks and splits on their surfaces, even if the material is solid hardwood. To deal with these problems, our team will use angled nails, additional wood and wood finish to secure the pieces of wood altogether, and make the hardwood floors look good as new. Our team of experts will assess first the size and severity of the floor cracks and other damages, and then recommend refinishing, resurfacing or any other additional service.


Unlike cracks, splits and plank gaps, buckling is a major hardwood floor problem. This happens when the floor boards become warped and lifted up from the subfloor where they are connected. The previous problems can be done on a Do-It-Yourself way, but not this kind of floor problem. Once you decide to use our service, we'll assure you that you and your family will be out of possible injury when we work on your buckled floors.


Washboarding or cupped floors include the lifting of the planks' edges with the sinking of the board's center, resulting to the wood strips looking like they're cupped. This happens when too much moisture accumulates at the bottom side of the plank as compared to its top side. Our team recommends floor sanding or sandless refinishing to stabilize the floors. We will also teach you how to balance the humidity levels inside the room to prevent its reoccurrence.

Sagging and other Problems

Problems with sagging or warped hardwood floors can be addressed by our team of experts then same way as how the cupped floors should be handled. However, it's more common to use floor replacements in this type of wood floor problem, rather than merely refinishing or resurfacing the floors.

Other problems like loose planks, scratches, hard to remove stains or tarnished floors can be managed by Wood Floor Planet in no time and at low costs.