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Floor Resurfacing

Floor Resurfacing

A better procedure than mere refinishing, floor resurfacing provides stronger protection against stains and tarnishing agents. This process aims to maintain the beauty of the floors for years to come. Wood Floor Planet's team of hardwood floor experts makes it sure that your floors are given utmost care through out the procedure.

Here's a glimpse of what our team will be doing when you decide to avail of our floor resurfacing service:


First, our team removes furnishing out of the room, then vacuums and preps up the floor. A coat of water-based polyurethane solution is applied to protect the floors from further damage. The doors and fixed furniture are all covered as well.

Sanding and Buffing

Unlike full refinishing, there's no need to apply heavy sanding in floor resurfacing. A sander will be used to remove the old finish before sanding. Our team will make sure that no finish and blemish will be left on the planks and boards. Different grit sizes will be used to ensure total removal of old finish residue as well as scratches and blemishes. After the sanding step, buffing of the floors follows.


The dust is left to settle for less than an hour after buffing is finished. Afterwards, the whole flooring is thoroughly vacuumed. The team will then use either an oil-based polyurethane or a water-based finish, whichever is more suitable, to cover the floors.


The hardwood floor experts of Wood Floor Planet will carefully apply the appropriate finish during this step, using smooth and uniform strokes parallel to the direction of the grain. The drying time for the finishing is about 10 to 12 hours (oil-based solution) or 2-4 hours (water-based solution).

Re-Buffing and Re-Applying

After the first coat all dries up, the whole floor is sanded then buffered once more. To remove the powdery residue, vacuuming the floors is done before re-application of the finish. The second and third (final) coating of the floors is then accomplished.