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Floors & Board Replacement

Floors and Board Replacement

For damaged boards or stained planks that cannot be fixed by sanding, Wood Floor Planet recommends immediate floor board replacement.

After assessment of the floors, the affected boards are identified by our team, and then removed and replaced by new floor boards that match the type, color and style of the old but undamaged floor boards. Whole sections of flooring are not removed during floor board replacement; just the damaged floor boards are removed and replaced.

Our floor board replacement service may include any type of wood floor, as long as it matches the color and type of the remaining floor boards. The types of wood floor we can replace include standard floor boards, parquets and solid oak trips.

Whether it is minor floor board replacement or a major one, our team has sufficient knowledge and skills to deliver this kind of service. This service is offered at a very affordable price, and will surely match your hard-earned money with the transformation that our team can do for your hardwood floors.

The new floor boards are suited to match and blend in with the existing floor boards, so that minor or no refinishing would have to be done. Our suppliers are the best among the floor board providers, so there's no need to worry about the quality of the new floor boards we would install on the existing flooring.

If the floors are very aged, you might notice a very small difference between the colors of the remaining floor boards and the new ones. Our team will try its best to choose the most suitable floor boards to match the old ones so that the color will be uniform throughout the flooring. Also, you may opt for recoating or refinishing of the floors to ensure consistency in color, style and shine in all the floor boards.

With floor board replacement by Wood Floor Planet, you can throw away your carpets and let your hardwood flooring mesmerized your visitors and guests!