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Sandless Refinishing

Sandless Refinishing

Polyurethane floor finish surely does magic on hardwood floors. It makes the floor look shiny and blemish-free. However, the coating under the furniture legs and walk areas is severely damaged as times passes by. This calls for a refinishing of your hardwood floors, a job that our expert team can assist you with.

How do we perform refinishing, then? Well, we introduce the procedure called sandless refinishing.This technique will make your hardwood floors look good as new, using only a few hours to work on them.

Here's a glimpse to how we do sandless refinishing:


First, our team removes all the furniture inside the room and relocates them to another room as per the client's instruction, for total sandless refinishing. Then, the floor will be swept and vacuumed thoroughly to remove dust and debris that remained under the furnishings or in between floor boards.

The doors of the room being worked on as well as the furniture that are fixed inside are all covered up. Then, the floors are prepared through tale countersinking to make sure that all the screws and nails are all properly secured. Another clean up is done to finish the preparation.

Buffing and Finishing

After the preparation, the floor buffing machine is set up with a buffing pad. Then, several samples of stains are applied to help decide which finish is the most appropriate for the flooring, without using the sanding method. Finish solutions are then used to coat the floor smoothly and nicely. The floors will be all dried up for less than four hours. However, the finish is allowed to completely settle for about 10 to 12 hours.

Our sandless refinishing is perfect for homeowners who have purchased old homes that contain hardwood floors but covered with carpet all these years. If there's any minor imperfection, our team will suggest hardwood resurfacing to be done instead of sandless refinishing for a better result.