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Our Services

Our Services

From floor installation and floor repair services, Wood Floor Planet has expanded its services into the sandless refinishing, floor resurfacing, floor board replacement, medallions and inlays installation, and more.

Floor Installation

Hardwood floors remain to be the best and most captivating types of floors in homes and offices. Our team can install different kinds of wood flooring - from solid wood flooring, to engineered wood flooring to laminate wood flooring.

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Floor Repair Services

Do you have hard wood floors that show plank gaps, splits, cracks, buckling, warping, cupping and other problems? Don't wait until you or one of your kids get in trouble with these wicked wood floor problems.

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Sandless Refinishing

Gone are the days when sanding is needed to accomplish refinishing of hardwood floors. Our sandless refinishing service can provide floor finish in a fast and no-mess manner.

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Floor Resurfacing

To let the beauty of your hardwood floors last, you must deal with stains and blemishes right away through floor resurfacing.

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Floor Board Replacement

No matter what type of wood your existing floor boards have, our team can provide floor board replacement service which includes matching colors of new floor boards for damaged wood planks on your floorings.

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Wood Medallions and Inlays Installation

To emphasize glamour and celebrate sophistication of your rooms, wood medallions and inlays are needed in bringing out the beauty of your hardwood flooring.

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