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Wood Medallions & Inlays

Wood Medallions and Inlays

For a more beautiful and sophisticated design on your hardwood flooring, wood medallions and inlays are a must. Whether you are looking for pre-finished designs or wanting to create a custom design for your wood medallions and inlays, let Wood Floor Planet help you install such an amazing piece of art on your flooring!

Pre-Finished Medallions and Inlays

Your flooring can look more elegant and sophisticated when you choose the appropriate style and design of pre-finished medallions and inlays. There's no need to worry about making the right choice! Our design team can assist you in selecting the best design for your hardwood flooring.

Our pre-finished medallions and inlays vary in a wide array of styles and designs: traditional, romantic, contemporary, art nouveau, art deco, eclectic, craftsman and old world. With all these styles and more, there's no stopping you from having a very attractive and decorative wood flooring.

Customized Designs

If you have a family crest, we can help you find or create the right wood medallion or inlay style. We also have our master craftsmen to assist you with the custom design you want to place on your hardwood floors. If you want your office to have a dazzling art centrepiece, then it's a good choice to put the corporation logo in the middle on the conference room's flooring, or at the lobby floors to be seen by visitors and guests.

Carved and Sculpted Art Pieces

Your medallions or inlays can also be availed in carved or sculpted forms through the help of our brilliant artisans. If uniqueness and overflowing creativity is what you are looking for, then you should consider relief inlays which are hand crafted using exclusive wood floor pieces. Hand sculpting and sanding techniques are used to created better carving details to give the inlays and medallions a more refined look.